Sarah Francisco - Stylist/Owner

Sarah is a Seattle based hairstylist who has been practicing for over 15 years. She has an advanced, extensive educational background and has trained with some of the industries top professionals at Bumble and Bumble University in Manhattan. She is certified in Schwarzkopf brand of color that she works with. Sarah has received specialized training with the straight razor blade, which is one of the most modern and challenging forms of cutting in the industry.

Sarah is experienced and talented with creating natural looking color, highlights, gray coverage, corrective color, bleach and tone, funky color as well as men's/women's haircuts. Her extensive knowledge of hair has given her the opportunity to style for photo shoots, fashion shows, weddings and commercial film/print..

Tiffany Waldrop - Stylist/Owner

Tiffany spent the first several years of her career as a designer and product educator at Gene Juarez. She then focused on adding color to her repertoire so she could provide the total look for her clients. She frequently attends hairs shows and seeks education opportunities to always stay ahead of the trends and makes them relevant to her clients’ lives. She takes the latest runway and fashion looks and interprets them to suit your daily look. She can help you achieve the hair you've always wanted and inspire you with new ideas.

Michelle Holdsworth - Stylist

Michelle's hair career began in 2005. She received all of her professional training through Aveda and became an Aveda Educator in 2008. Michelle Started working as an Independent Stylist in 2016. She is a blonding specialist, educator, hair slayer.

Connie Danger - Esthetician

Connie is a Washington native with 11 years experience in esthetics,specializing in full body waxing. She received her education and training at the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Seattle, and is skilled in both hard and soft wax. She is great at connecting and making clients feel confident and at ease during the appointment, alleviating any trepidation they have with waxing. She excels at communication and efficiency and favors quality over quantity. Her favorite services to do are brows and brazilian waxing. She has a dog named Aarow!

Sonia Brown - Stylist

Sonia, a native of a small town in Alaska, harbored aspirations of a more cosmopolitan lifestyle from an early age. Departing her hometown at the age of 17, she embarked on a journey to pursue her dreams, enrolling herself in cosmetology school to hone her skills. Over the course of two decades, Sonia has accumulated a wealth of experience in the industry, beginning with prestigious training under Vidal Sassoon at Gary Manuel.

Subsequently, she transitioned to a position at Salon Seven, renowned for its high-end services and clientele. Throughout her career, Sonia has remained committed to nurturing her creative inclinations, exploring avenues such as hair and clothing design. Her passion for fashion serves as a driving force, seamlessly blending elements of classic elegance with contemporary edge in her work.

Sonia's proficiency extends across a spectrum of coloring techniques, encompassing highlights and vibrant hues with finesse and precision. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of color theory, she approaches each coloring session with the utmost professionalism and artistry. From delicately placed highlights that enhance natural tones to bold and vibrant hues that make a statement.

Angalina Sandoval - Stylist

With over two decades of experience in the dynamic realm of the beauty industry, Angalina has established herself as a distinguished figure renowned for her ability to seamlessly blend a fresh aesthetic with a warm and caring personal touch. Her journey began with a notable accolade, as she was awarded the prestigious "Best Haircut" title by Seattle Magazine merely two years into her career, a testament to her innate talent and dedication.

Angalina possesses a unique ability to set her clients at ease, employing a lighthearted demeanor and displaying a warm sensitivity that underscores the significance of their individual needs. Specializing in natural-looking highlights, foilyage, and all-over color, she consistently delivers results that exceed expectations while maintaining an approachable and inviting style. Ensuring that her work remains innovative and relevant in an ever-evolving industry landscape. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her trademark blend of approachability and professionalism, solidifies her position as a respected hair and makeup artist both in the photo industry and behind the chair.

Joie Belknap - Stylist

Joie is not just a stylist, she is also a consultant, with more than 25 years of experience as a barber/stylist in the Seattle area she is more than qualified to give you the look you deserve. In addition to her years of experience serving Seattle-ites, Joie has enjoyed sharing her amazing skills with others for the past 18 years as a Cosmetology Instructor.

Vanessa McLeod

With over two decades of experience in the hair industry, Vanessa embarked on her career specializing in haircuts. However, she soon recognized her affinity for the creative realm of color. Proficient in a wide range of styles, from precise clipper cuts to flowing long layers, Vanessa's expertise extends to various coloring techniques, including highlights and vibrant hues. Presently, she is actively seeking new clientele to offer her skills and passion for hairdressing.

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